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Can 2009 be a success without 27th title?

Hal Steinbrenner believes in his father's 'win or else' credo.

"If we don't win the World Series, we have let our fans down."

The Yankee players also buy the 'win the World Series or bust' philosophy. Listen to Johnny Damon.

"We know what we have to do," Damon said. "They gave us every necessary weapon. We got the players."

I always admired The Boss for his obvious desire to win, and his willingness to spend whatever he felt he had to. Yet, I have also always hate the 'you can't have a successful year without winning a title' philosophy.

What do you guys think? Is it possible for the Yankees to have a successful season in 2009 without winning a World Series title? Vote in the poll and let me know.


Here are some other New York Yankees notes from around the Inter-Google to keep you away from what you should be doing at work on a Friday.

  • The Yankees are all snug in their new home now. But, if you want a piece of the old place you can buy some Yankee Stadium sod. I know people will do this, too, but I really don't get it.
  • Joel Sherman says the Yankees new 'George Mahal' is opening at a bad time.
  • $2,500 for a seat at the Stadium? Even Hal Steinbrenner realizes that price is ridiculous.
  • This is a couple of days old, but we haven't mentioned it. Fans will have field level access before games at the Stadium after all, which is good news.