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Yankees 8, Tigers 6: Joba matches Phil

The Yankees hope Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes will be cornerstones of their starting rotation for years to come. The last two nights have helped that vision seem a little more realistic.

On the heels of six shutout innings by Hughes Tuesday, Chamberlain (1-0) surrendered just three hits, struck out six and allowed just one run in an 8-6 victory. Chamberlain's ERA is 3.13, and if he pitches to that mark all season I don't think anyone can complain if he throws 92 instead of 98.

It was also nice to see some offense, particularly some clutch hitting, for the second straight night.

Nice night for Nick Swisher (two home runs, 4 RBI) and a huge bases-clearing double from Hideki Matsui.

The only blemish on the whole evening was Jonathan Albaladejo blowing up in the 9th inning and forcing Joe Girardi to use Mariano Rivera. Mo surrendered a three-run homer before finishing the game off, but I'm not going to obsess about that. I'm sure he never expected to be in the game.

I know this is the Tigers, but the lost weekend in Boston seems like a long time ago after the last two nights.