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Game 18: Just Win, Boys

Hopefully Berroa, Melancon, and Robertson can bring some of the AAA magic with them to Fenway tonight.

Pettitte v. Masterson

The Yanks have faced the young Jamaican 6 times before (relieving and starting), walking as often as they've struck out.

Let's hope that Andy brings his A game; he's been tattooed by the BoSox in the last few years (3-3, 5.8 ERA in 9 starts).


New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

04/26/09 8:05 PM EDT

New York Yankees Boston Red Sox
Brett Gardner - CF Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Derek Jeter - SS Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Mark Teixeira - 1B David Ortiz - DH
Nick Swisher - LF Kevin Youkilis - 1B
Robinson Cano - 2B J.D. Drew - RF
Jorge Posada - C Jason Bay - LF
Hideki Matsui - DH Mike Lowell - 3B
Melky Cabrera - RF Jason Varitek - C
Angel Berroa - 3B Nick Green - SS