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Game 17: The Fragile Aces

It was a rough night, and the bad news is on us like a hang over.

The hair o' the dog for the Yanks is Josh Beckett. The Yanks usually handle him (.280/.350/.422 and 1.48WHIP), but he has pitched several very good games, often big games.

This feels like a big game to me.

Bounce back. Pull even with Boston and root for the White Sox to beat the Jays.

Replace the fallen (it's not like Angel Berroa is going to do much worse than Cody Ransom's .180/.226/.320).

Once again, I look to AJ Burnett, a man I didn't really want in pinstripes, to get the big win. In his career he's held the Sox to a .212/.287/.337 line, a 1.15WHIP in 56.1IP.

How many times will we have to ask him to do this?