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This one falls on Mo

The pitchers did a great job holding Boston to two runs for eight innings.

If you're going to say the Yankee hitters didn't get the job done with RISP (they only went 4-19), you have to say the same for Boston (who went 3-14). The Yanks grounded into three double plays while Boston hit into four. Neither team hit well with runners on. Those aspects cancel each other out.

You can't blame Marte either. He's the sixth guy in the bullpen for a reason. Mo is the closer. He has to shut the door there. A two-run lead in the 9th is what made closers exist for.

These kinds of innings happen to Mo once in a while - we just have to hope they don't start occurring more frequently now that he's 39.

Would Bruney have fared better than Marte in the 11th? Quite possibly, but it would have burned out our #2 reliever with a day game tomorrow.

It's rather ironic that in two of Joba's three games (the ones where he pitched well), the bullpen has blown it for him.

PS: the balk in the 1st inning was utter bullshit and may have been the difference.

PPS: Apparently Bruney is hurt, Ransom and Wang are DL'ed, and Robertson's up.