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Swisher opens NYSE; Wang pitches

- Nick Swisher rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange this morning. The market went up 71 points.


- Chien Ming-Wang pitched an Extended Spring Training game this afternoon against Phillie minor leaguers.

From Pete Abe -

Finally have the definite numbers on Wang:

7 innings
9 hits
5 runs
4 earned
0 walks
11 strikeouts
91 pitches / 70 strikes

"Good day," Wang said. "Sinker down more, but sometimes got higher and the ball didn’t sink."

Wang is scheduled to rejoin the team tomorrow in Boston. My educated guess is that he’s going to go on the DL with a "tired arm" or something like that and we’ll see Phil Hughes in Detroit.


- Bud Selig said the Yankees and Mets will 'consider adjusting the cost of their premium seats,' though the Mets denied it and the Yanks declined comment.