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Resurrection of Melky-mania?

Before we go touring the Inter-Google to find out what is being written around the Yankees Universe this morning, I have a question.

Has Melky Cabrera, fresh off his two home run performance Wednesday, earned more playing time in center field? He is certainly making the most of the opportunities he has been given thus far. Even with the fact that he struck out three times Wednesday.

In 23 at-bats so far, Melky has a .304 average with four homers and 7 RBI. His OBP is .385 and he is slugging a lofty .826.

Brett Gardner is hitting .240 in 50 at-bats, with a paltry .283 OBP and a .300 slugging percentage.

I love Gardner's game. He has terrific range in center field, and when he gets on base he is obviously trouble for the opposition. He can do a lot of things to help the Yankees.

My guess, though, is that center field will be a constant juggling act for Yankee manager Joe Girardi. Right now it looks like Melky might just be the hot hand. Maybe it's time to ride him until he cools off.

Now let's look around the Yankee Universe at some other stories making headlines.

  • There was another 'Maier Moment' at the new Yankee Stadium Wednesday. The New York Times says, however, that there are no plans to push fans away from the walls, especially since they are paying $150 a pop to sit there.
  • If you aren't reading Kim Jones' blog, 'Keeping Up with the Jones,' you should be. She is pretty hilarious, and offers lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that gives you a glimpse of life around the Yankees.
  • A-Rod is running! A-Rod is running! has the latest on the 'Alex Rodgriguez recovery from surgery' saga. Geesh! TMI. Just tell me when he's ready to play.
  • It's never too early to talk free agents when it comes to the Yankees. That said, apparently Oakland slugger Matt Holliday, who will likely be the big prize among hitters next winter, says he would play in New York. Umm ... gee, all that proves at this point is that Holliday isn't stupid. Why would he say he wouldn't play in New York, thus limiting his potential payday?
  • There might be hordes of empty seats at the new homes of both the Yankees and the Mets, but Forbes says New York's teams are still easily the most valuable franchises in baseball.