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Game 15: More southpaws

Oakland throws out another lefty: CC Sabathia takes on Brett Anderson this afternoon at the Stadium.

Sabathia's coming off a mediocre start against Cleveland in which he was fortunate to allow just one run in 5.2 innings (having given up five hits and five walks).

Anderson is exceedingly young, having turned 21 in February. This is his rookie campaign. He's started twice and allowed seven runs in 13 innings (4.85 ERA) against Seattle and Boston.


Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

04/22/09 1:05 PM EDT

Oakland Athletics New York Yankees
Ryan Sweeney - CF Derek Jeter - SS
Orlando Cabrera - SS Johnny Damon - LF
Jason Giambi - DH Mark Teixeira - 1B
Matt Holliday - LF Jorge Posada - C
Jack Cust - RF Robinson Cano - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Nick Swisher - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Hideki Matsui - DH
Landon Powell - 1B Melky Cabrera - CF
Bobby Crosby - 3B Cody Ransom - 3B