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Gardner plays huge in close win

Andy Pettitte wasn't great: he allowed nine hits without a K, but the key was efficiency (105 pitches through seven), and the fact that he didn't walk anyone and held Oakland to 3-11 with RISP.

The turning point of the game probably occurred right off the bat; I'm referring to Brett Gardner's spectacular catch on a Jason Giambi line drive. If that fell in, the A's go up 1-0 with Giambi at second. Instead, Pettitte escaped the inning unscathed and led the Yanks to a 5-3 win.

Another turning point may also have involved Brett Gardner - his one out two-run single in the second came within inches of being caught by Mark Ellis. The Yankees won by that very margin.

Cody Ransom (ugh): he's not adjusting to being pitched outside, even though everyone knows how he's going to be pitched. On top of that, he had another misplay that nearly proved disastrous.


Afternoon match tomorrow sees CC Sabathia against 21-year-old Brett Anderson.