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Around the Yankees' Universe, 04.20.09

Let's take a look around the Inter-Google at the stories making headlines around the Yankees' Universe this morning.

  • Jorge Posada's game-winning home run (or was it a home run) provided the first read controversy at the new Yankee Stadium. Considering the outcome, maybe the Yankees did bring the ghosts across the street. It took no time at all, though, for the Jeffrey Maier comparisons. Peter Abraham pointed out that this incident brings up another thing the Yankees will need to look at fixing.
  • There has been much speculation already about why so many home runs are being hit at the new Stadium. Was Watching had a very interesting piece in which it analyzed the Stadium and found its dimensions did actually vary ever so slightly from its predecessor. I wonder how the ball will fly tonight when the first night game at the Stadium is played.
  • George Vescey of the New York Times says both the Yankees and Mets are learning about the quirks of their new homes. In another story about the stadiums, Wallace Matthews of Newsday says both teams appear to have misjudged the market.
  • Nick Swisher is everybody's darling in New York right now. But, Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had some unkind things to say about Swisher, who struggled in Chicago last year. When Swisher struggles, as he inevitably will, we will see how much of what Guillen says might be true.
  • Chien-Ming Wang does not understand why he has struggled so much in his first three starts.