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Workout at the new Stadium

The Yankees moved into their new home today and worked out in preparation for two exhibition games against the Cubs.

  • Hal Steinbrenner admitted some of the ticket prices may be a bit high.
  • Another example of the resurgence of defense.
  • Doc's Sports Blog interviewed me regarding the upcoming season. It was definitely tougher questions than the normal fluff interview. 
  • Bernie Williams recently released a CD entitled "Moving Forward" that I was fortunate to listen to. It's clear from the very start that Bernie is a super talented guy. Not only was he a great ball player, but the fact he can play the guitar so expertly says a lot about him. If 'contemporary jazz' is your thing, you'll love it. Even though it's not mine, I still enjoyed it, and loved 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' and Bernie's collaboration with Bruuuuuuuce on 'Glory Days'.