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Game 13: Cleveland at New York

The Yankees stand at 6-6, two losses behind the division leading Blue Jays.

3 times now CMW has been shellacked. Once again, we look to AJ Burnett, formerly of those Toronto Blue Jays, to right the ship.

And how about Robbie Cano? After collecting 16 hits all of last April (BABIP .156!), Robbie already has 18 hits on the young season. We expect a player's BABIP to be about 100 points higher than his Line Drive %, so Robbie's .395 BABIP is a fair amount luckier than his 22% LD% suggests. But after underperforming last season statistical and emotional expectations last season, I'd say Robbie is due for some luck.

Which the Yanks are going to need to salvage a split on the first series at New Yankee Stadium.