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Five solo shots lead to first home win

Damon, Tex, Melky, Cano and Jeter all went deep. On the down side, Yankee hitters continue to flounder with RISP, going 0-9 today. That adds up to a pitiful 1-20 the last two games.

- Both starters couldn't control their pitches - each threw less than half their pitches for strikes. Joba didn't have good fastball command (most missed the target by a few inches), and it's very tough for a pitcher to get by without it, despite having solid breaking ball command.

- There's some kind of worm-hole in right-center field. You put a ball up there and it miraculously finds its way to the seats. I'm specifically thinking of Mark DeRosa's first inning shot that looked like a regular 'can-o'-corn' flyout that somehow landed several rows back in the stands.

- We killed the bullpen yesterday, but we gotta give them credit today as they really stepped up (though it was the 'good' relievers who pitched), tossing 4.1 scoreless innings after Joba exited in the fifth.

- It was a coronary-inducing game:


- Why are these games taking so long, by the way? Yesterday's went 3:56; today's lasted 3:23. And these aren't that high scoring games either. I don't get it.

- Juan Miranda was called up after David Robertson was sent down (he still has options whereas Jose Veras does not).