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Bullpen blows home opener

We had a nice pitcher's duel going - Sabathia 'battled' through 5.2, handing a tie to the pen... then Jose Veras promptly allowed three runs... then Damaso Marte promptly allowed six runs, and the game was ended.

This is the second time already that Veras has lost us a game almost single-handedly (the first being the third game in KC when he walked his one and only hitter).

How long will Girardi continue to trust Veras and Marte? In my opinion, Veras has earned more 'trust' than Marte, who has been a disappointment since joining the Yanks last July. From soft-tossing a throw to third to giving up two homers in one inning, it's time Phil Coke became the trusted lefty.

Our hitters left 15 men on base and went 1-11 with RISP. Ugly.

I've also had enough of Cody Ransom. He went hitless again (0-5), with two strikeouts, a GDP and an error to boot. It's time Ramiro Pena plays everyday. Neither will hit much, but Pena plays great defense (though Ransom did make a great play to cut down a run at the plate). A-Rod can't come back soon enough.

Or maybe I'm looking at this one game emotionally rather than rationally.

On the bright side, at least it was a Yankee that put the first ball over the fence. That was more important to me even than winning the game. Posada's homer is what people will remember 20, 50, 90 years from now.

David Robertson, called up to replace Nady, was the only truly effective reliever, pitching two scoreless innings (with three strikeouts). He placed his cut fastball with precision along the bottom edge of the strike zone, and even flipped over a nasty curveball and changeup. Hopefully he (or Mark Melancon) will be the guy that gets the game from the starter to Bruney or Rivera.