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What will A-Rod say next?

In the wake of Alex Rodriguez's foolish comments about Jose Reyes and the New York Yankees, I was going to write a list of the Top 10 things you could expect A-Rod to say soon.

But, then I went looking around at the Yankee headlines this morning and I see that Joel Sherman of the New York Post beat me to the punch. Stupid mainstream media, what's the big idea stealing a blogger's thunder?

Anyway, I particularly like this one from Sherman.

2. What do you mean why does my vanity license plate read "BOLI?"

Here's a little unwanted advice for A-Rod -- shut up! Go all Eddie Murrary on the media and don't say a thing. Nothing that comes out of your mouth ever ends up sounding quite right, anyway, and you just wind up making a bigger fool of yourself.

So, just quit talking. Hit the ball and go home.