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Joba's velocity and Sheff

So according to the Yankees, Joba was consistently hitting 95 MPH during today's 6-3 win over Cincinnati. He went 5.1 innings, allowing two runs on five hits and three walks with six strikeouts.

Finally some Joba-the-reliever advocates have come over to the light side. Namely Jorge Posada, who has previously been one of the most vocal opponents of putting Joba in the rotation:

There's no question -- he's our fifth starter and I'm happy with that. I look for the betterment of Joba here. Give him credit, because he was so good out of the 'pen. I hadn't seen him as a starter, so he's been showing me and proving me wrong.

- Joba is set to appear in court tomorrow in Nebraska regarding his DUI last October.

Gary Sheffield was released by the Tigers. They still owe him $14 million for the upcoming season. He hit just .225/.326/.400 last year but is one homer shy of 500. The trade Brian Cashman made with him has yet to declare a winner, but it sure didn't help either side much.