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A-Rod Out


Rodriguez is expected to fly to Colorado on Wednesday to meet with Dr. Marc Phillipon, a hip specialist. Before he left for the W.B.C., the Yankees’ medical staff examined him, and he had a magnetic resonance imaging test on Saturday. The M.R.I. showed that Rodriguez had a cyst.

That's Alex "I don't know which WBC team I want to play for, but I wish Jose Reyes was my leadoff hitter" Rodriguez.

Just in case there was some doubt.

In other news, steroid abuse can cause cysts.  Shot in the ass, growth on the hip.  Nope, no connection there.

Add least Darryl Darryl is able to be honest about the temptation to use the juice.  Or, it's just a well coordinated effort to distance himself from the steroid era even though he played alongside Clemens, Pettitte, Knoblauch, Justice and the other dynasty/ Mitchell Report Yankees.