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Tomko has inside track on long-man role

Brett Tomko may have just pitched his way onto the Yankee roster with three scoreless innings in today's 6-4 win over Atlanta.

It was basically a 'Royal Rumble' of long-relievers, as Tomko, Aceves and Giese all pitched. Tomko was the best (3 ip, 3 h, 0 r, 1 BB, 1 K), followed by Aceves (3 ip, 1 r) and then Giese (2.1 ip, 3 r - two unearned).

Tomko has a 1.17 ERA, Aceves 4.60, and Giese 6.89. It's pretty clear who the spot-starter/long-reliever will be.

However, Tyler Kepner thinks Jon Albaladejo could be the final reliever.

Meanwhile, the centerfield job is heating up as Melky Cabrera finishes the spring on a tear. He had three hits today, raising his batting average to .346. Brett Gardner went 0-2, dropping his BA to .367. Just a couple days ago, the difference was closer to 100 points.

- Derek Jeter injured his pinky, and is listed as day-to-day, but Joe Girardi said he'll play Sunday.