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The Professionals

Hanley Ramirez was upset by a new Marlin policy much akin to the decades old short hair policy in the Bronx.  Joe G. had a similar policy when he was in Florida; it makes me wonder if that wasn't a part of the clubhouse conflict that drove him into the Yankee broadcast booth.

Ramirez doesn't want a trade anymore, but it's still interesting:

Ramirez, see, used to wear his hair in cornrows.
"I had to cut it," he said.
He also had to take off the jewelry dangling from his neck while playing.

"We want to look professional," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "Nice and neat."

Makes you wonder whether Hanley would ever really be a target for the Yanks- that's a lot of drama over a haircut.

Personally, I like the clean cut look.  Especially as the other teams and other sports go more and more grunge (long hair, scruffy, tattooed), I like that the Yankee look stands out.

But I wonder how long the business-man pinstripes will last.  For all we know, King George could be coming to his last Opener.  Unless things go well, this will certainly be Joe G.'s last season at the helm.

How long do you think the professional policy will hold out?