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Girardi hints that Jeter could be batting 'lead off'

During his customary interviews with the Yes Network between innings of spring training games, Joe Girardi hinted that Derek Jeter could start the season as the Yankee lead off hitter.  Derek has been penciled in as the #2 hitter in their line up for much of his career, but Jeter was leading off this afternoon and Girardi was asked about it. He said that he was going to tinker around with idea during the last week of the Grapefruit league and he was open to batting Derek first.

The Yankee manager said that Johnny Damon would be an excellent hitter batting second because if Jeter gets on he knows how to pull the ball really well into the hole between first and second base. DJ has been the epitome of a number two hitter, but with A-Rod's injury the Yankee manager may be thinking of new ways to generate more offense until he returns. I don't see much value in the move and I highly doubt he'll stick with that plan, but I would imagine Derek will have a voice in where he bats and If he's comfortable leading off, Girardi might actually go there.