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Pettitte pitches well for Single-A Tampa

From Pete Abe -

Andy Pettitte’s final line today:

5.1 innings
7 hits
5 runs
1 earned run
1 walk
3 strikeouts
83 pitches / 63 strikes

Of the seven hits, one was a broken-bat double and two others infield singles. There also was a wounded-duck flare over the first baseman’s head.

Pettitte said he felt fine. He will face the Blue Jays on Monday and wants to get to 100 pitches. Then he’ll face the Cubs at the Stadium on April 4. After ending last season with a shoulder injury he said it has not cropped up this spring.

- A-Rod had 'serious discussions' with members of the front office about his off-field behavior. The latest was 'Hooker-gate', which claimed he used the same 'service' as former governor Eliot Spitzer.

- It seems Brian Bruney does, in fact, have options left. In that case, there's still a chance he starts in Triple-A to make room for someone like Robertson or Albaladejo.