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Foolishness- the Brian Bruney Edition

Eli Whitney revolutionized warfare with the development (if not the genesis) of interchangeable parts.  The 2008 Yankees followed that path to bullpen success.

I looked forward to the continuation of meritocracy in 2009.

But then there's this from LoHud:

Brian Bruney, he of the 7.56 ERA in spring training, joked about whether he would make the team. Joe Girardi said that wasn’t in doubt. But Girardi was dead serious when he said Bruney needed to get himself going.

Bruney has allowed three homers in 8.1 innings.

I like Bruney a lot.  He's got a good fastball, a strong work ethic, and Cash picked him off the D-back's scrap heap.

In the jscape household, that's enough to make me consider applying the 'my guy' tag to an otherwise interchangeable cog.  But at the moment, my bullpen guys are minor leaguers Jonny A. and Humberto Sanchez.

I don't understand framing the discussion as one of inning roles.  Why do I hear that the 8th inning belongs to Brian Bruney?

Mo, Marte, Coke, Jonny A., Edwar, David Robertson, and Tomko as long man.

Let Bruney, Veras, Melancon, and anyone else I'm forgetting start in AAA.