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Around the Yankee Universe, 03.23.09

I wonder how many 'Derek Jeter sucks at shortstop' posts we will see around the Inter-Google today. Jeter, if you don't already know, made a two-out 8th inning throwing error Sunday night that cost Team USA three runs as it was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic by Japan, 9-4.

As it is, the New York Daily News mentions this morning that something happened to Jeter in the 9th inning that never happens at Yankee Stadium. He got booed.

In reference to Jeter, AOL Fanhouse throws out this question to Team USA Manager Davey Johnson.

Any regrets over starting Captain America at shortstop, leaving Jimmy Rollins to DH?

I'm sure that question will be asked several times today. Personally, I could care less. Jeter is headed back to Yankee camp, and that is good news.

  • Jorge's got a gun. Jorge Posada threw out three of four potential base-stealers Sunday and said he knows he can 'trust my arm again." That is great news.
  • A flop? Dugout Central lists Andrew Brackman of the Yankees among highly-touted pitching prospects likely to fail. I don't have any idea how someone can make that judgment before the guy, who was drafted No. 1 by the Yankees in 2007, has even thrown a pitch in a minor-league game.
  • Ready to go. CC Sabathia can't wait for the season to start after hurling five impressive innings Sunday.
  • Replacements ready? Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says the Yankees already have two young players, Ramiro Pena and Eduardo Nunez, who could handle shortstop when Jeter vacates the position. 

"They're two of the better young kids I've seen ... two legitimate core players for the future," one scout says. "They're not that far from being major-league ready — they have some tools and they know how to play."

Will they hit?

"Their offense will not keep them from playing — they have at least survivor skills with the bat," the scout says. "I enjoy watching them. They're exciting players. They bring a lot of energy."

That's a nice assessment, but I am not buying that any young player just coming into the big leagues will be able to replace Jeter. Given the inevitable scrutiny, it will take an established veteran comfortable in his big-league skin.