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Quick recap of today's 4-2 win

Phil Hughes lowerd his ERA to 2.19 with 4.1 innings of one run ball. The good news is that he induced 10 groundouts to just three flyouts; the bad is that he didn't strike out a single batter.

Gardner, Cano and Tex all went 1-3. Gardner swiped a bag and Tex launched his first spring homer (off Joe Nathan no less).

The young'ns also fared well: Austin Jackson hit his second longball of the spring, while Anthony Claggett and David Robertson continued to make cases for themselves. Claggett lowered his ERA to 1.13 with a no hit, no K, one walk inning; Robertson struck out the side and walked one, lowering his ERA to 1.35.

Joba starts tomorrow against Detroit (and Rick Porcello!).