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We'll always have October 16, 2003

That one homerun will hold Aaron Boone in Yankee and baseball history forever...

Anyway, Boone is about to have open heart surgery, and will miss the entire 2009 season, if not more -

Boone said his career might be over after learning he needs open-heart surgery to fix a problem with his aorta and aortic valve.

Boone, 36, has known about his heart condition since the early 1990s, when he played for the University of Southern California. A recent physical and follow-up exam revealed that he needs an operation soon, and Boone will schedule it in the coming days.

"I’ve monitored it all these years," Boone said in an interview after the news conference. "I knew this day was out there. I just didn’t know it was now."

How would Yankee history be different if Boone never played that pick-up basketball game in early 2004? Possibly no A-Rod. Soriano might be patrolling the outfield. Other than that, who knows? What's your take?


- The lighter side of Big Stein.

[Ray Negron] embarked on an unlikely baseball career in 1973 when Steinbrenner, then a rookie owner, caught him scribbling graffiti on Yankee Stadium and made him a bat boy.