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For What It's Worth


Joba 7.0 1.29 7.7 1.29 1.17
Phranchise 8.0 1.00 9.0 6.75 0.60


I've read a few "Should Phil be 5th starter?" posts.

Plenty of spring left, but today I take the guy pounding the strike zone and getting more groundballs, even if he is giving up more hits.

Taking an idea Jim Kaat posted on his blog, we have to break Spring Training in half for pitchers.  

Until March 15th, it's just about building up arm strength.  

After March 15th, it's about sharpening pitches.

So starting today I'll be tracking the battle for the fifth spot, keeping track of innings pitched, WHIP, K/9, BB/9 and GO/AO.