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Predicting the Yankees' 25-man roster

Let's take a stab at identifying the 25-man roster that will open the season for the Yankees April 6 in Baltimore.

In reality, there are only a couple of variables. Among them, the makeup of the bullpen, whether the team carries 11 or 12 pitchers and who will be the utility infielder.

As of today, here is my guess.


SP -- CC Sabathia
SP -- Chien-Ming Wang
SP -- A.J. Burnett
SP -- Andy Pettitte
SP -- Joba Chamberlain
RP -- Mariano Rivera
RP -- Brian Bruney
RP -- Damaso Marte
RP -- Jose Veras
RP -- Phil Coke
RP -- David Robertson

Thoughts -- Edwar Ramirez (injury) and Jonathan Albaladejo will just miss. Mark Melancon and Anthony Claggett are names to watch as the season progresses. Phil Hughes will make a lot of important starts in the big leagues.

Position Players

C -- Jorge Posada
C -- Jose Molina
C -- Kevin Cash
1B -- Mark Teixeira
2B -- Robinson Cano
SS -- Derek Jeter
3B -- Cody Ransom
INF. -- Angel Berroa
OF -- Johnny Damon
OF -- Brett Gardner
OF -- Melky Cabrera
OF -- Xavier Nady
OF/1B -- Nick Swisher
DH/OF -- Hideki Matsui

Thoughts -- The Yankees don't want to carry three catchers, but my thinking is that they will have to until they are sure Jorge Posada can handle the workload. There will be days early in the seaosn the Yankees simply don't want to risk having to use Posada behind the plate. Cash makes it so that Francisco Cervelli can play every day at AAA. Also, don't be shocked if Ramiro Pena, who looks like an outstanding defensive player, takes the utility job away from Berroa. As for center field, I think Gardner ends up getting first crack at the job.

Your thoughts?