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A-Rod: The Poll

So we know now that Alex Rodriguez did in fact take PEDs.

The question now: do you believe he's still using? And if so, does that diminish your fandom of either him or the Yankees? Do you even care?

FYI, Arod averaged 37 homeruns-per-season while in Seattle, 52/season with Texas, and 44/season with the Yanks.

And the irrepressible Pete Abraham shares his view:

ESPN’s Peter Gammons asked Alex Rodriguez directly whether he used PEDs from 2001-03.

“That’s pretty accurate, yes,” he said.

What does that mean? Does that mean more than three years or less? The Yankees will want to know the exact timing given that Rodriguez came to New York in 2004.

Rodriguez also denied knowing what substances he took. This is the same player who literally brings his own food to the clubhouse every day. So for three years, he injected drugs into his body without knowing what they were?

[If he's lying about that, should we expect the truth now?]

If what he said is true this time, Rodriguez stopped using right around the time MLB instituted drug testing. He has not tested positive since and was subjected to Olympic-style testing in 2006 when he participated in the World Baseball Classic.