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A-Rod needs to come clean!

OK, his results were supposed to be sealed, but it looks like the cat is out of the bag. I do believe in the right to privacy, but that's history now for A-Rod. Woldn't you like to know the other names on that list? He needs to get back in town, suck it up and give us the truth. No games, no lies, no complaints, only the truth. Torre's book outlines an A-Rod that was more concerned with his place in baseball's stat history rather than winning. If that's true, I'd say that legacy has hit a major road block. He was the guy that had been counted on to pass Barry Bonds and get his name off the books as the all time HR king so it wouldn't be tainted by performance enhancing drugs. Well, now what?

We all know about how hard A-Rod works, that has never been an issue so now is the time that he has to work a little bit harder and get the real deal out in the open. 

The longer he waits, the worse it will get. I think he knows New York pretty well. I don't expect him to call a press conference tomorrow, but I wouldn't take too long. Most people by nature are forgiving, remember that A-Rod. I've always felt that a player should have his contract voided out if he got caught doing roids, but that's just me and not the legal world speaking. Either way, A-Rod needs to talk and talk fast. Don't pull an Andy or a Clemens with the media and the fans. You have one shot with us so please come clean.

Make it count no matter what the truth is.