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More Arod; Manny more than ever

Some interesting (and disturbing) thoughts from other writers -


1. There are FOUR sources cited in this story. Four. Most media outlets would require at least two for a story like this one (though some might need only one), but to have four independent sources indicates to me that they have the information cold. Are anonymous sources irritating to readers? I’m sure they are. I know they bother me sometimes, but they are a necessity in certain cases and I can absolutely understand how this is one of them. That’s why it’s important there be more than just one person saying this is what happened; having four gives it serious validity.

2. Selena Roberts is an excellent reporter, someone who has always done thorough work and is incredibly respected in the journalism business. I do not believe for one second she would “make this up,” as one person wrote to me, or otherwise fabricate it. Add to that Sports Illustrated’s standards and history, and it’s very difficult to believe this story isn’t true.

That struck me too. SI didn't go with just one source or even two, but FOUR independent sources is pretty damn certain.

and from the original SI article:

Two sources familiar with Rodriguez's contract told SI that there is no language about steroids in the contract that would put Rodriguez at risk of losing money.

Not good. Before reading this, I was still clinging to the hope that the Yankees could void Arod's contract if he tested positive for PEDs. No such luck.



- Now that a true A-Bomb (I know, awful pun) has dropped on the Yankees (as Joe Torre's book quickly fades into a simple mortar shell), the acquisition of Manny Ramirez would take a lot of attention off Arod (and less importantly, Torre's book).