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Talking Trade

Jon Heyman:

Yankees outfielders Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady, two of the Braves' trade targets, will earn $6.55 million and $5.3 million this season, respectively. The Yankees are unlikely to include money in any deal — except, perhaps, if they receive higher-quality prospects in return.

The Braves also are touching base with some of the remaining free-agent outfielders, including Bobby Abreu. But they might only sign a player such as Abreu if he settled for a deal in the $4 million to $5 million range, which is unlikely.

I'd pay the full price to get to pick through the fourth best farm in the game.  Three of the top four prospects are hitters.  Of those, only Jordan Schafer has seen time at AA.  Then there are a pair of lefty pitchers, both A-ballers, in #5 Cole Rohrbough and #9Jeff Locke.

Obviously, I'd rather move Boras client Xavier Nady before his free agent clock hits midnight, but if I could get a high bat and an arm, I'd pay Swisher's contract this year and part of next.