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I hate George King

Have you ever seen this sourpuss on Yankees Hot Stove on the YES Network?

I've seen him about five times, and he has never once cracked a smile, joke or had an optimistic take on the Yankees upcoming season. I don't know why they continue to invite him back - he simply detracts from the show.

On top of that, he's still hanging on to the 'Joba the Reliever' stance. There were four baseball 'experts' on the show: the morose King, the wildly upbeat (relative to King) David Cone, and the even-keeled Jack Curry (of the Times) and Steven Goldman (of Pinstriped Bible). Except for King, they all agreed Joba should remain a starter.

So not only is he cynical and pessimistic, but stubborn and stupid too (no offense intended).


- The Yanks made a minor trade, sending Chase Wright (of back-to-back-to-back-to-back fame) to Milwaukee for a Single A outfielder/catcher.