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MLB Set to Pitch in to Defeat Lou Gehrig's Disease

I recently finished an excellent bio on Lou Gehrig called "The Luckiest Man" by Jonathan Eig. I suppose I'm still basking in the afterglow of this incredible book about this incredibly heroic man whose worldwide popularity today likely rivals the popularity he enjoyed while he was alive. So when I came across a NY Times piece explaining how at least 15 MLB ball parks are planning to raise awareness and money for ALS research during the 70th anniversary of Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech, I was compelled to read on.

Raising awareness for this hideous disease is a fabulous idea that should be embraced by every MLB club. I'd really like to see the same commitment given to it as they did with the Susan G. Koman breast cancer awareness campaign. Here's hoping this initiative really takes off and results in a breakthrough.