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Jim Leyritz might be the dumbest man in America

Jim Leyritz is an idiot. Considering this story, I can't feel sorry for the ex-Yankee at all.

Broward Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes today told former New York Yankee baseball player Jim Leyritz: no more drinking as he awaits his trial on DUI manslaughter charges.

Leyritz, 45, of Davie, is accused of running a red light and killing Fredia Veitch, 30, in December 2007.

Prosecutor Stefanie Newman had sought to revoke Leyritz's bond because a court-ordered monitoring device showed he drove four times with alcohol in his system since last September.

Leyritz's attorney, David Bogenschutz, argued that his client believed he was no longer banned from drinking.

Holmes decided not to revoke the former Major Leaguer's bond and send him to jail. But she made it clear she wants Leyritz to abstain from drinking until his trial.

"If there is any alcohol in his system, I don't care if it's Listerine, give me the [arrest] warrant," Holmes told Leyritz's pre-trial release officer. "No alcohol means no alcohol."

-- 'Kudos' to my cohort 'jrs' for both the tip on the story, and the headline suggestion. I wonder how much help 'jrs' would be if he actually liked the Yankees.