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2009 Yankee lineup

Going into the season with today's roster (and assuming health), this is how the lineup should be:

Damon, CF

Jeter, SS

Tex, 1b

Arod, 3b

Matsui, DH

Posada, C

Swisher, RF

Cano, 2b

Nady, LF


1-4 are pretty much set in stone at this point, but 5-9 could change a lot during the year. Depending on whether Cano and Swisher have bounceback years and how much time Matsui and Posada miss with injuries, the bottom half of the lineup could change drastically.

I want Damon to at least start the year in center, simply because he's a far better hitter than either Melky or Garnder (at this point). If you move Damon to LF, then you either sacrifice offense with Melky/Gardner or defense with Nady/Swisher. Damon is still the best all-around centerfielder we have. Ideally, Damon would play there all season, but if he can't, then put in one of the 'B' options.

This lineup also has opposite handed batters throughout. There's not one occurrence when two similar-handed batters hit back-to-back.


How would your lineup look?