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Swisher vs. Nady

David Golebiewski tackled this competition:

Given Swisher’s poor luck on balls in play and Nady’s batting average spike, it seems possible that these two will switch places this year, with Swisher being labeled a “bounce-back player” and Nady having the “disappointment” tag bestowed upon him. Swisher’s on-base skills make him the better bet to produce in 2009.

Nick Swisher was extremely unlucky last year, posting a career low .251 BABIP while Xavier Nady was just the opposite, posting a career high .337 BABIP.

Then considering Swisher is a slightly above-average outfielder and Nady is a bit below average, it should be clear who should get the lion's share of playing time. As long as Swisher doesn't tank in Spring Training, he should be the opening day rightfielder.

With Nady platooning, it would give us a great bench. Imagine Nady coming to pinch-hit in the late innings instead of Garnder/Melky or Molina...


[thanks to 'tombradylikesdudes', what a name!]