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Are you Ready for A-Rod Media Day?

The A-Rod freak show is about to begin. Are you ready? Will he try to go Gammon's all up on us again? The press pool will  pounce for sure. You know they've been licking their chops ever since Selena's piece came out.

What reporters will ask the stupidest questions? Will A-Rod tell us if he shot up or doesn't remember? Maybe he'll blame it all on Madonna. This will be an interesting presser for sure. And it looks like the Yankees will be by his side.

Joe Girardi confirmed that he would be sitting next to A-Rod under the big tent - the same spot where he sat a year ago when Andy Pettitte made his first public comments about his own performance-enhancing drug scandal.

"I will be there; I support him," Girardi said Sunday. "We understand he's going through a difficult time. I supported Andy last year and I'm here for Alex. That's part of my job. I want to see him get through this, see all of us get through this and get to what we love to do, and that's play."

Jorge Posada has stated his desire to attend the press conference to bolster his teammate as well, while Mariano Rivera said he would also be present. Derek Jeter and Pettitte are also expected to attend, a show of support from the Yankees' veteran core.

I do know that this press conference will not stop the madness that will surround A-Rod all year.  It is in a way "Must See TV" for Sports fans...