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The (Still) Young Guns

 The NYTimes is focusing on the youth of Phil Hughes and IPK in a story today.  I'm particularly interested in a passage detailing what Hughes did to prep for the coming season:

After losing Hughes to injuries for much of the last two seasons — a hamstring and an ankle in 2007, a fractured rib last year — the Yankees paid for him to train at the Athletes’ Performance Institute in Los Angeles. He spent four days a week there, concentrating on upper body strength and adding eight pounds.

Hughes now weighs 240, the same weight he was in high school and during his last healthy season, 2006. He said he hoped to reduce his injury risk.

I believe I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist.  I try to see the realistic risks, and I hope for the best out of plans A, B and C.

If you're in this category with me, you recognize that at least one of our starters is guaranteed to go down during the season.  So Phil Hughes and IPK are our backup plans.

I'll be happy to see Phranchise start the season in AAA, but hopefully he'll have a strong enough spring to be at the front of the line to fill the gap.

After the centerfield watch, these two young arms will decide the finl standings in the AL East.