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Book on Arod hitting stores sooner

Selena Roberts, the reporter who broke the Arod-PED story, is having her book's release date moved up a month, presumably to ride the coattails of the 'A-Roid' scandal.

Sports Illustrated's story last weekend "was just the tip of the iceberg"... the book "will talk about his private life, every facet of Alex Rodriguez's life... Personal, private, this is going to be a very exhaustive biography."

That is what Rodriguez might have been fretting about when he lashed out at Selena Roberts, author of the SI story and the book, in an interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons on Monday. Among other things, he accused her of "stalking" him.

There has been speculation that the book will include salacious information.

Just what the Yankees want. I'm sure Brian Cashman is thrilled.


- Two Yankees rank among the top 100 prospects as chosen by Baseball Prospectus: Jesus Montero and Austin Jackson, at 38 and 46 respectively. The top overall prospect, Matt Wieters, is in the Orioles' system - he's someone we're going to have to watch out for in the coming years. In fact, three of the top five prospects are in the AL East (O's, Rays and Jays) - man, this division just gets tougher and tougher.