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Brian Cashman say he was "surprised" by Torre's book

Brian Cashman talked to Mike Francesa on WFAN to talk mostly about A-Rod and I'll get to that later, but Mike turned the topic to Torre's book. Cashman says he was "surprised" about the allegations in Torre's book that said he changed as a GM and become a Bill James number cruncher and said he supported Torre every step of the way, including at the end. He called it a Hall of Fame relationship between GM and manager. (Here's the podcast)

When asked if he was hurt over Joe's book, he said that it was...(I hate transcribing)

Francesa: Are you hurt?

"...just best to focus to move forward. I'm going to do what I've always done. I'm going to try to do the best job I can for Joe Girardi and the coaching staff and the players and hopefully maybe we can find a little magic like we've done in the years past and be in a position where somebody else can decide to write a book about the perspective of what just took  place maybe this year if we can find a way to be the last team standing. That's going to be my focus as we move forward. It's what it's gotta be. That's what I'm paid to do....

The one thing it sounds like I'm disappointed in on the book side of it is that all the Yankee years I've lived we're so  transparent. Everybody knows what my failures were, but I've also had a lot of successes here too and it doesn't sound like any of that stuff shows up in any books in stuff like that either. We've had a lot of good and we've had bad.

Cashman is obviously upset at his portrayal in Torre's book and said they haven't spoken since Torre's initial call after the book was made public...And he hinted that if they knew A-Rod had done steroids they would not have brought him back, but he wouldn't say it outright.