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New York Yankees notes: Granderson speculation leads nowhere

The Internet, and 'Twitter' in particular, were aflame Monday with wild speculation that the New York Yankees had completed a trade with the Detroit Tigers for center fielder Curtis Granderson.

Turns out that the teams seem to have discussed a deal, but that nothing is realistically close to happening.

From FOX Sports.

The Yankees have reportedly been included as one of the teams in what would have been a blockbuster three-way trade with the Tigers and D-backs involving Detroit center fielder Curtis Granderson, although the potential package has already been rejected by at least one of the involved parties.

FOX Sports detailed a discussed but stalled deal on Monday that would have sent Granderson to the Yankees, along with one or two prospects from the D-backs.

In exchange, the Yankees would have sent right-hander Ian Kennedy to Arizona while dealing outfield prospect Austin Jackson and left-handed relievers Phil Coke and Mike Dunn to Detroit.

Detroit would have received right-hander Max Scherzer from Arizona, and the D-backs would have hauled in right-hander Edwin Jackson as well, according to the report.

I have two thoughts on this proposal. First, general manager Brian Cashman would be nuts to make that deal. I hope he is the one who rejected it. Four players who could be useful to the 2010 major league roster, including a top prospect like Jackson, for an outfielder the Yankees aren't even really sure they will need next season? No thanks.

My second thought is that the terrific Yankee blog Sliding Into Home had the statement of the day Monday while the rumors were flying all over Twitter.

"This is why all this technology is actually bad for us. We get up to the second info, and in the end we know absolutely nothing."

The Yankees have apparently shown interest in free-agent Mark DeRosa, and it is hardly surprising that they would at least check out the veteran utility man's price. River Avenue Blues, though, does not want to see Derosa in a Yankee uniform.

Francona Talks About Chasing Yankees

I have a ton of respect for Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona. What he had to say Monday about the Yankees sure does sound like whining to me, though, which is really not becoming for a manager who has won two World Series titles this decade.

"They got a couple of things that make life difficult for us," Francona said Monday. "They have a lot of money and they have smart people running what they’re doing. So you have to kind of acknowledge that. They’re not going to go away. I hope they don’t get better. ...

"That doesn’t bode well for everybody. We have really smart people, and I guess we have a lot of cash, probably not endless. But we have a good situation here. So rather than worry too much about the Yankees, we do our own stuff."