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Aroldis Chapman struggling to find a market

Growing concerns about Chapman are causing his stock to plummet. As Jack Curry reported a few days ago -

Chapman, whose passport says that he turns 22 in February, is a talented and raw left-handed pitcher who throws a 100-mile-per-hour fastball. But as powerful as he is and as dominant as he may eventually become, several baseball executives said there was risk involved in spending lavishly on a pitcher who is such an unknown quantity...

Speaking generally about the pursuit of international pitchers, Cashman said: "Everything influences you. On the failures, you assess where it failed and why. You look at the competition level and how it translates to pitching here."

Tyler Kepner reported the Yankees will not go over $15 million for the Cuban southpaw. I still believe someone (Rangers?, Red Sox?) will go to $20 million for him.