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Yankees Best of the Season

We all obviously know how well the Yankees season went. A few adjectives to describe it would be disappointing, embarrassing, and dreadful. (Kidding) In all seriousness, the Yankees won the 27th World Series in team history. So, why not look back at the best of the championship winning season? Let's go!


1. CC Sabathia: I took a long time to decide between CC and Teixeira, but when it came down to it, pitching was more important this season. The Yankees might have been able to win the championship without Teixeira in the lineup, but without CC Sabathia coming out and dealing every five days, I seriously doubt the Yankees would have won it all.

2. Mark Teixeira: Simply the best hitter on the team this season. MVP type numbers and gold glove defense were refreshing things to see from a first baseman.

3. Mariano Rivera: People may want me to put Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez here, but to me Rivera was huge. Sure, Rivera did only pitch three outs a game most of the time, but he shut down the best offenses in baseball nearly every Yankees close win. Without him the Yankees likely would have blown a few important playoff games.

4. Alex Rodriguez: Without A-Rod the Yankees were looking like the 2008 team that missed the playoffs. With A-Rod the Yankees looked like the Championship-Caliber team that they were.

5. Derek Jeter: The leadoff hitter and captain of the World Champs lived up to his expectations. He put together an MVP type season.

HONORABLE MENTION: Alfredo Aceves. Seriously.


1. May 15th-17th A-Rod returns to the Bronx, walk-off weekend ensues: Self-explanatory. A-Rod made his return after a month off and made an immediate impact. The Yankees would never look back.

2. June 28th Mariano Rivera 500th Save: Underrated moment of the season. Rivera gets an RBI and his 500th Save and the Yankees win the season series 5-1 over the Mets.

3. April 16th Home Opener: I have erased the score from my memory. All I can remember is a Posada home-run and some great pre-game ceremonies.

4. August 7th Yankees Win Amazing Game: A-Rod hits a walk-off home-run in the 15th after 14 scoreless innings in the Bronx.

5. September 27th Yankees Beat Red Sox, Win the AL East: Self-explanatory once again. Yankees get the job done against their rivals.

HONORABLE MENTION: August 7th Melky Cabrera cycle.


1. November 4th Yankees win the World Series: Obviously. I was in Philadelphia the day of this game and the fans looked deflated. The season wasn't even over and they looked like they were down and out. They soon would be.

2. November 1st Johnny Damon Double Steal: Damon tricks the Phillies and steals two bases on one play. Yankees go up 3-1 on the defending champs.

3. October 9th Yankees Win on Walk-Off by Teixeira: I was at this game, greatest game of my life. A-Rod tied the game up in the 9th with a two-run shot and Teixeira walked off with a laser beam line drive.

4. October 17th Yankees Win Another Walk-Off: Jerry Hairston Jr. is the hero. His single and run on an error by Maicer Izturis gave the Yankees the win and 2-0 series lead.

5. October 25th Yankees Clinch Trip to World Series: Yankees win in 6 over the Angels, advance to the World Series.

HONORABLE MENTION: October 29th Yankees Tie up World Series at 1-1.

BEST RANDOM PLAYER: (Player who came up when it mattered, delivered unexpectedly)

1. Alfredo Aceves: We knew he was good. We didn't know he was THIS good. 10-1 with a 3.54 ERA? Can't wait to see what he does in a full season in 2010.

2. Francsico Cervelli: Sorry, Cervelli lovers that Cervelli is not #1, but he did come up clutch. The game that comes to mind is CC Sabathia's 4-0 shutout over the Orioles in Baltimore. Cervelli was hitting .192 in Trenton when he was called up. He may have won himself the backup job for 2010. Also, don't forget Cervelli was a huge part of an instrumental game in Atlanta. Big momentum builder.

3. Damaso Marte: How about Marte in the playoffs? Now THAT was impressive!

4. Jerry Hairston Jr./Ramiro Pena: Filled the utility role perfectly. Got the job done and for that, they earn spots.

5. David Robertson: Did we really expect him to be that good?

WORST RANDOM PLAYERS OF THE SEASON: (Player who came up when it mattered, faltered)

1. Chien-Ming Wang: Did anyone expect him to be THAT bad?

2. Angel Berroa: Can't believe he was allowed to wear pinstripes.

3. Jose Veras: See #2

4. Anthony Claggett: 33.75 ERA. Now on the Pirates. Enough said.

5. Cody Ransom: People don't seem to hate him as much as I do. Here's to hoping the newest Phillie doesn't come up in a rematch in the World Series and get a big hit!

Thanks for reading and lets hope for an even better 2010!