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Joba vs. Hughes

To get Roy Halladay, the consensus seems to be that the Yanks would have to give up one of the duo. Who's more expendable in your opinion?

Both have their pros and cons.

Phil Hughes pros:

Longer pro career of successful pitching (sixth year with the organization).

Excellent at repeating his (by most accounts) flawless delivery.

Incredible as a reliever in 2009.

Great pitcher's body (6'5", 220) - could turn into a workhorse.


Troubling injury history though only three big league years.

Inconsistent as a ML starter.

Never topped 86 ML innings.

Joba Chamberlain pros:

Incredible 'stuff,' better than Hughes.

Shown more as a ML starter than Hughes.

Pitched 157 innings this year without getting hurt.


Has also had several (though minor) injuries in his early career.

Isn't in the best shape (part of the reason he fell in the draft), though he's gotten much better since college.

About a year older than Hughes.

Some 'talent evaluators' fear he may not be able to repeat his delivery consistently (see below).

[This was inspired by a post on Yankees 'N More]