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Sherman: Keeping Damon is best move

The Johnny Damon situation with the New York Yankees seems as though it will get pretty interesting this off-season, which I should have figured since Damon is represented by Scott Boras.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post opined today that the best Yankee team in 2010 would include Damon in left field.

The best 2010 Yankees team has Johnny Damon. No question. His swing is ideal for the short right-field porch, he is New York/big-game tested, and his tandem work atop the lineup with Derek Jeter served as the offensive engine for a champion.

The Yankees, however, see him as comparable to Bobby Abreu, who recently signed for two years at $19 million to stay an Angel. The Yanks do not want to budge beyond a two-year offer. Scott Boras compares his client favorably with Jeter and sounds as if he wants a four-year contract.

Personally, I agree with Sherman. I also agree with the Yankees, though, that two years is the absolute most they should offer for the 36-year-old Damon. In fact, I would love one year with an option.

Sherman, by the way, also tosses out some low-budget ways to replace Damon. I don't really like any of them.