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Around the Yankee Galaxy, Monday edition

-The Yankees still need a left fielder.  I'm not buying Brett Gardner as the starter out there - his bat is barely good enough for center, let alone an outfield corner.  I doubt a trade is in order, as the Yankees would either need to trade more prospects or take on a salary dump, two things that seem unlikely at this point.  So, I will throw a name out there for the sake of speculation - Rick Ankiel

I know, cue the Scott Boras and HGH references.  In all seriousness, there are some serious pros to this move - he's relatively young, hits for power (.200 career isolated slugging percentage), and has played good defense in left (1.7 career UZR and 3 career FRAA), albeit in a limited sample.  And, most importantly, in what's been one of the worst winters ever for free agents, even Boras knows he's not getting a multi-year contract.  Ankiel made $2.8 million last year, and if the Yankees offered him, say 65% of that, he'd be stupid not to take it.

-The New York Daily News lists their ten best moments of the last decade in New York sports.  I think the 2001 World Series heroics should have ranked ahead of Mike Piazza's game winning homer in the first game back after 9/11.  Speaking strictly in terms of baseball, the '01 World Series was one of the best ever, and that's before you consider the post-9/11 atmosphere and President Bush throwing a perfect strike for the ceremonial first pitch.  Even with a Yankees loss, it's hard to think of many moments in sports that have topped that World Series. 

-The Bleacher Report breaks down what to expect from Javier Vazquez in 2010.  While I'm not quite as pessimestic, I'm in agreement that we shouldn't expect a repeat of 2009.  They also have no love for Jorge Posada

-Baseball news has been slow lately, but let's all cheer up.  Spring Training is only 49 days away.