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Look Back: 2007 Top 30 Prospects

Every year, Mike Ashmore releases a Look Back at the Baseball America Top Prospects List. I thought it would be interesting to look back at his look back and see which Yankees have stuck in the system.

1. Phil Hughes, P

I think we know what happened with Hughes. Hughes will go into spring training fighting for a spot in the rotation.

2. Jose Tabata, OF

Traded to the Pirates in the Xavier Nady trade. Still a top prospect.

3. Humberto Sanchez, P

Interesting story. Sanchez made it to the bigs as a September Call-Up in 2008. After struggling with injuries and rocky pitching in 2009 the Yankees released him. The Yankees would later re-sign him, as they hope he recovers his prospect status.

4. Dellin Betances, P

Still with the Yankees in the lower levels of the farm system.

5. Joba Chamberlain, P

Never heard of this guy, so I can't review his prospect status. Just kidding! Joba will compete for a starting job in 2010 Spring Training.

6. Ian Kennedy, P

After a promising start to his MLB career, Kennedy struggled in 2008. 2009 brought Kennedy back to the bigs for an inning. Kennedy was traded to the Tigers in the Curtis Granderson trade.

7. Tyler Clippard, P

Traded to the Nationals for Jon Albaladejo back in 2008.

8. J. Brent Cox, P

Up in air former prospect turned batting practice pitcher. Cox struggled in 2009 in a major way. Last we've heard of him he was considering quitting baseball.

9. Kevin Whelan, P

Still a prospect reliever who last pitched for AAA Scranton. Very well could make his MLB debut in 2010.

10. Brett Gardner, OF

The Yankees current left-fielder.

11. Marcos Vechionacci, 3B

Struggled in 2009, I THINK he was let go as a minor-league free agent

12. Jeff Marquez, P

Traded to the White Sox in the Nick Swisher trade.

13. Eric Duncan, 1B/3B

Never made it to the bigs with the Yankees, had a horrible 2009 season for Scranton. Let go as a minor-league free agent, signed by the Braves.

14. Chris Garcia, P

Often-injured prospect is still with the Yankees.

15. Mark Melancon, P

Will compete for a spot on the Yankees roster in 2010. Still a pretty good prospect.

16. Alan Horne, P

Often injured pitcher that has probably lost his prospect status. If he regains his health, he might still have the talent.

17. Angel Reyes, P

After googling him, this was all I could find. The only player on this list that I have never heard of.

18. Austin Jackson, OF

Traded to the Tigers in the Curtis Granderson trade. Might open the 2010 season as the Tigers starting center-fielder.

19. Chase Wright, P

Best known for giving up four straight home runs on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN against the Red Sox. Was traded to the Brewers for a single-A ball player.

20. George Kontos, P

Made it to AAA and pitched well before having surgery on his arm.

21. Jesus Montero, C

Will likely start the 2010 season in AAA. Could make it to the bigs this year, but more likely next year.

22. Steven White, P

Struggled with the Yankees in 2008 and was released.

23. T.J. Beam, P

Bounced around in AAA and MLB with other teams after rejecting an offer to re-sign with the Yankees in 2007.

24. Zach McAllister, P

Top pitching prospect will start the year in AAA.

25. Colin Curtis, OF

Top outfield prospect will start the year in AAA.

26. Jeff Karstens, P

Traded to the Pirates in the Xavier Nady trade.

27. Josue Calzado, OF

Last I've heard of him he hit .179 in Tampa in 2008.

28. Bronson Sardinha, OF

Made the Yankees postseason roster back in 2007. Became a free agent that postseason and after two unsuccessful minor-league stints is currently a free agent.

29. Tim Norton, P

Couldn't find anything on Norton.

30. Daniel McCutchen, P

Traded to the Pirates in the Xavier Nady trade.

Interesting to see that only 12 of the 30 prospects are still with the Yankees. Also interesting to look back at the 2004, 2005, and 2006 versions. Enjoy!