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New York Yankees notes: Johnson, left field ... what else is new?

Here are just handful of notes about our New York Yankees on the day before Christmas -- a day, of course, when baseball is not exactly the thing foremost in the minds of most people.

The Yankees made the Nick Johnson signing official Wednesday. Johnson, as you might expect, says he is thrilled to be back in pinstripes.

"When I heard there was some interest, I told my agent that would be my No. 1 choice," Johnson said. "There's nothing like playing in New York."

Brett Gardner and Jamie Hoffman in left field? Yes, the Yankees can probably live with that. We know, though, that GM Brian Cashman might bring in other options.  Johnny Damon is, of course, out there. He does not expect to be a Yankee, though.

"I know I don't fit their payroll," Damon said. "We've had a little bit of communication with them, but my price is too high right now. I don't think I'm their solution."

River Avenue Blues thinks the Yankees should give Xavier Nady, who missed most of last season after elbow surgery, a chance in Spring Training.

Given the team’s current composition, and given the budget constraints the team faces, it appears a second-tier option will fit best. We’ve heard a few of those names bandied about lately: Mark DeRosa, Marlon Byrd, Xavier Nady. Each has his ups and downs, but when considering the Yankees’ situation, Nady fits the best. He’s a gamble, of course, but at this point his demands shouldn’t exceed what the Yankees are willing to spend. Taking a flier on his health could reap big rewards for the Yankees’ outfield.

Personally, I agree. Nady can hit, and my guess is he might even take a minor-league contract just to get the opportunity. Why wouldn't you give him a chance?