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Utility Options

The Yankees have had a pretty eventful off-season so far and it looks like they are nearing the end of their moves. It is always possible that the Yankees will go after a Johnny Damon or a Mark DeRosa, but with the way Brian Cashman is talking it doesn't seem too likely. Let's say the Yankees do not make another move this offseason: What would the offensive roster look like?


C- Jorge Posada

1B- Mark Teixeira

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Alex Rodriguez

SS- Derek Jeter

LF- Brett Gardner

CF- Curtis Granderson

RF- Nick Swisher

DH- Nick Johnson


OF- Jamie Hoffmann


Backup Catcher: Francisco Cervelli vs. Mike Rivera

Utility Infielder: Ramiro Pena vs. Reegie Corona vs. Kevin Russo vs. Eduardo Nunez


1B- Juan Miranda

Overall, while the starters are all great, the utility players may be a problem. I predict that Cervelli, Pena, and Miranda do make the roster, but there still may be a problem. Last year the Yankees went into the year with Cody Ransom as their starting third baseman and Ramiro Pena as the backup. They have shown no reason to believe they wouldn't do that again. Do I think it is a problem? Not necessarily, but with all of these young backups there is certainly a risk that they will struggle in the bigs. Personally, I would sign someone like Miguel Cairo to compete for the utility job while mentoring the youngsters.

P.S. Sorry for not commenting back to any comments last night. I was at the New York Islanders vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game. I got to meet the team before the game and get autographs after!