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New York Yankees notes: Trade winds are a-blowin'

The Twitterverse, as those who love it affectionately call it, was on fire Monday night with reports that our New York Yankees were closing in on a deal for a starting pitcher.

Thing is, no one seemed to have any real idea who the target of the Yankees' affection is. Whoever it is, the Yankees and their potential trading partner seem to be playing this one awfully close to the vest.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News breaks down the possibilities -- the most intriguing being the Florida Marlins apparently disgruntled ace, Josh Johnson. Feinsand also mentions Carlos Zambrano (Cubs) and Aaron Harang (Reds), but those two have apparently already been ruled out, per the info Travis found for you last night.

Over at the LoHud Yankees Blog, Sam Borden also has some insights on which pitcher might be heading to the Bronx in time for Christmas.

Here are some other stories of interest regarding the Yankees this morning.

  • One pitcher we know won't be coming to the Bronx is Jason Marquis. The veteran right-hander is heading to the Washington Nationals.
  • FanGraphs has posted an excellent review of the Yankees' drafts since 2006. If you enjoy following the farm system, or even you don't pay much attention and just want to catch up a little, it's a good read.
  • The Yankees plan to have Jesus Montero, the prized possession of their farm system, start the upcoming season as the AAA catcher
  • Rob Neyer of ESPN is out with a position-by-position look at the best -- and worst -- defensive players of the deade. And no, Derek Jeter is not on either list.
  • You might think it is a given right now that Ramiro Pena will be the utility infielder if the Yankees don't bring in a veteran like Jerry Hairston Jr. Well, Mark Newman, who oversees the farm system, says Pena will get plenty of competition from other young infielders.
  • The Yankees have signed veteran backup cather Mike Rivera.
  • Bless You Boys, SBN's Detroit Tigers blog, pens an overdue goodbye to Curtis Granderson.